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The western blot (also called the protein immuno-blot), or western blotting, is a widely used analytical technique in molecular biology, and immunogenetics to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue homogenate or extract. It is a powerful technique that enables the detection of the proteins, estimation of the quantities and determination of their molecular weights.
The entire western blotting workflow is complicated, which includes several individual steps, each of which is important for you to get the high-quality data.
SHST also provides the related devices for the critical steps, let's take an overview on this page.
Sample preparation 
SHST provides a simple way to extract protein samples with grinders to ground your samples, and a high speed centrifuge to separate the molecules due to different weight. The grinder-96 is used to crush solid samples, such as plant and animal tissue (leaves, roots, stems, bones, hair, muscle and etc. ) After crushing samples, centrifuge the tubes, user can get protein samples from supernate.
Vertical Electrophoresis
In an electric field, the protein molecules move toward the electrode of opposite charge. The protein molecules have a wide range of sizes and shapes, they can be separated due to different immigration speeds, when they pass throgh the polyacrylamide gels. Our vertical electrophoresis (KIT) is widely used for the separation of the proteins in the sample. With our electrophoresis power supply,four gels can be in the progress of the electrophoresis simultanously.
Transfer (KIT)
The separated proteins are transferred from the gel to a membrane where they are immobilized. SHST provides the Tank Transfer System (also called wet transfer), which is useful for most routine protein and suitable for the protein gels coming from our vertical electrophoresis.
Detection and image acquisition 
Although the total workflow of the western blotting is complicated, a good and clean western blotting relies on the specificity and sensitivity of the antibodies. Besides, the accurate imaging of your western blot is crucial for capturing blot data for the downstream analysis. As a core products line of SHST, our imaging systems adopt the world first line cooled digital cameras, which are able to capture weak signals emitted by the samples.
Image analysis and quantification
The orignal image of a western blot is full of information. A professional Analysis software (SHST-Analysis) brings you convenience to quantify the molecular weight, concentration, and the percentage of each molecule. It is suitable for western blot and DNA/RNA analysis. The results are exported as excel files for the downstream analysis. The software is free and can be updated for good.
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