Chemiluminescence Imager
Chemiluminescence Imager
SH-NanoOne Microspectrophotometer

Thermal Cycler
Thermal Cycler

R&D And Production Of Lab Instruments

Chemiluminescence Imager

The magic series Chemiluminescence Imagers are chemiluminescence and fluorescence detection oriented.

Gel Doc System

The classic SHST‘s Gel doc systems are easy-to-use systems for your DNA and protein gel documentation needs. 


Friendly Android operation system, 7-inch touched screen.
Cuvette slot available for...

SH-NanoOne Plus

7-inch touched screen, Android system with friendly UI design.
Quick detection (only takes time...

SHST- Chinese High-Tech Enterprise In R&D Production

Shenhua Science Technology Co.,Ltd. (SHST) headquartered in Hangzhou city, is a Chinese high-tech enterprise dedicated in R&D and production of lab instruments.
We have a wide products’ range, which covers Gradient PCR, Electrophoresis, Imaging Systems for molecular biology and the frequently used desktop instruments for almost every laboratory.
SHST’s high quality products as well as Supports and Management System of our distributors (SMS) let us win the confi dence from our customers and our partners around the world.


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Applications In Molecular Biology

Agarose gel electrophoresis detection

Agarose gel electrophoresis detection is the most commonly used method for DNA/RNA detection and quantification. This method is easy to operate, and requires only a small amount of samples for experiments. The principle is, when the different DNA/RNA molecules with different weights pass through the agarose gel, they will be separated due to different immigration speeds. After being stained with dyes (e.g. Ethidium Bromide, Gel Red, Gel Green, etc.) the molecules emit fluorescent light under UV or blue light. The emission light of the sample will be captured by gel documentation system and the brightness can be quantified by our professional software for semi-quantitative analysis. By the step of the sample preparation, we should normally use the gradient PCR to amplify samples.
Protein Expression with Western Blotting
The western blot (also called the protein immuno-blot), or western blotting, is a widely used analytical technique in molecular biology, and immunogenetics to detect specific proteins in a sample of tissue homogenate or extract. It is a powerful technique that enables the detection of the proteins, estimation of the quantities and determination of their molecular weights.
Full Services For Our Partners And Customers
SHST's brand: A top 3 Manufacturer dedicated in R&D, production, sales and after sales of the devices for Molecular biology.
Long warranty period for all the products.
Offer the spare parts with only cost price, once the warranty period expires.


Helps distributors get to know, which device with which specifications our end users really need.


Quick response and reaction, strict SOP of the production and QC ensure the quality of the products, the exact lead time and secure package.

After sales

Online training for our partners and end users, Remove software updating, fly to customers site for firmware and hardware update.
Our Essential Customers

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

  • Q Why and when do we need cooled digital camera?

    The Cooled digital camera is capable for long time exposure, especially for chemiluminescence detection. The long time exposure causes the heat of the CCD/CMOS sensor, and brings dark current noise, which may cover the weak signals of the samples and lower the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Thus, we cannot find the sample in the image. To lower the impact of the dark current, we adopt the Peltier cooling technology to keep the temperature of the sensor at -30 degree.
    For Chemiluminescence detection, a cooled digital camera is necessary. The maximum exposure time of our cameras is up to an hour.
  • Q I have some problems about the results of the Western Blotting results.

    A You can refer to this Article written by us.
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Shenhua Science Technology Co.,Ltd. (SHST) headquartered in Hangzhou city, is a Chinese high-tech enterprise dedicated in R&D and production of lab instruments.




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