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  • Q Why and when do we need cooled digital camera?

    The Cooled digital camera is capable for long time exposure, especially for chemiluminescence detection. The long time exposure causes the heat of the CCD/CMOS sensor, and brings dark current noise, which may cover the weak signals of the samples and lower the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR). Thus, we cannot find the sample in the image. To lower the impact of the dark current, we adopt the Peltier cooling technology to keep the temperature of the sensor at -30 degree.
    For Chemiluminescence detection, a cooled digital camera is necessary. The maximum exposure time of our cameras is up to an hour.
  • Q How can I choose the available fluorescent light?

    The fluorescence light source depends on your experiments and your daily used dyes. There are hundreds dyes over the world. To ensure the best effect of your results, you have to confirm your fluorescent dye and know the excitation and emission wavelength of it. Thereafter, you can contact us and we will provide you the corresponding fluorescent module.
    Our fluorescent module covers UV, visible  (RGB) light and NIR.
  • Q I have some problems about the results of the Western Blotting results.

    A You can refer to this Article written by us.
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