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Agarose gel electrophoresis detection is the most commonly used method for DNA/RNA detection and quantification. This method is easy to operate, and requires only a small amount of samples for experiments. The principle is, when the different DNA/RNA molecules with different weights pass through the agarose gel, they will be separated due to different immigration speeds. After being stained with dyes (e.g. Ethidium Bromide, Gel Red, Gel Green, etc.) the molecules emit fluorescent light under UV or blue light.
Sample preparation (Sample amplification)
After sample extraction,  a PCR (Thermal Cycler) is usually used for the DNA amplification. The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), is under the catalytic of DNA polymerase, to mother chain DNA as a template, with specific primers for the starting point of extension, through the degeneration, annealing, extending steps, with the parent chain template DNA replicate the complementary DNA child chain in vitro. We provide diverse models of the gradient PCR maschines (e.g. 32 wells, 96 wells and dual block PCRs) , which provide you an effective sample amplification according to your requirements.
Horizontal Electrophoresis
The DNA/RNA moleculars with different weights can be separated due to different immigration speeds, when they pass through the agarose gel. Our horizontal electrophoresis (KIT) provides a universal gel casting trays, which is available for various sizes of the agarose gels (60x60mm to 120x120mm)   . The power supply provides timer, overload protection, constant voltage or constant current output and is capable for all the horizontal, vertical electrophoresis and transfer cells. 
Detection and image acquisition(Gel doc System)
After being stained with dyes (e.g. Ethidium Bromide, Gel Red, Gel Green, etc.) the molecules emit fluorescent light (emission light) under UV or blue light (excitatioin light) . Our Gel Documentation Systems provide both UV and Blue LED transmission, so as to excite various DNA/RNA dyes. Since we are only interested in the signal emitted by the stained molecules, the system adopts therefore a filter to provent the excitation light passing through it. At last, the signals are captured by a 16bit monochrome digital camera, which is an essential part of our gel doc system.
Image analysis and quantification
 After the images are captured by our Gel Documentation System, a professional Analysis software (SHST-Analysis) brings you convenience to quantify the molecular weight, concentration, and the percentage of each molecule. The results are exported as excel files for your next analysis. It is suitable for western blot and DNA/RNA analysis. The results are exported as excel files for the downstream analysis. The software is free and can be updated for good.
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