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Agarose gel electrophoresis detection

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Agarose gel electrophoresis detection is the most commonly used method for DNA/RNA detection and quantification. This method is easy to operate, and requires only a small amount of samples for experiments. The principle is, when the different DNA/RNA molecules with different weights pass through the agarose gel, they will be separated due to different immigration speeds. After being stained with dyes (e.g. Ethidium Bromide, Gel Red, Gel Green, etc.) the molecules emit fluorescent light under UV or blue light. The emission light of the sample will be captured by gel documentation system and the brightness can be quantified by our professional software for semi-quantitative analysis.  By the step of the sample preparation, we should normally use the gradient PCR to amplify samples.

SHST's Solution

  • Sample preparation (PCR)

  • Electrophoresis (Horizontal Electrophoresis)

  • Detection and image acquisition(Gel doc System)

  • Image analysis and quantification

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